673 calligraphy imageSDigital Lettering and Fonts

Fonts and lettering styles are found all over the internet especially on Pinterest Fonts.  Nearly every stationery or craft blogger has a collection. Because of this we can find them easily and quickly. Of course we would love to collect them all. If you find an unusual font, by all means send it to us. We will consider adding it to our font library, but do note: not all fonts are created equal, usable or worthy of installing, as some may be corrupt or not for commercial use.

Please use the Contact Form to describe your project details in order to receive an accurate price for our Digital Calligraphy Services. Whether needing Envelopes, Place Cards, Certificates, Favor Bags or Tags, we would love to help!  For more information about invitations, other custom services, and digital calligraphy please fill out the form. We will be in touch within 1-3 days to discuss your request. GiftBandit has been serving brides and other customers with Hand & Digital Calligraphy services and Do It Yourself projects since 1978! Copy & Paste any item shown below into the Contact Form.


ENVELOPE DETAILS Please include:

• Quantity of OUTER Envelopes? (full address and addressee names)

• Quantity of INNER Envelopes? (addressee names only)

• Envelopes Material: Flat Matte or Metallic Sheen?

• Envelope Lined or Unlined?

• Size of Envelopes?

• Thickness of Envelopes?

• Color of Ink Desired?

• Note we will provide an XLS spreadsheet from which to work.


PLACE CARD DETAILS Please include:

• Quantity of PLACE CARDS?

• Place Card Material: Flat Matte or Metallic Sheen?

• Place Card Size?

• Thickness of Cards? (best describe if known) 80#, 110# or 130#

• Are the Cards Blank? Or are they somewhat printed?

• Color of Ink Desired?

• Design or Artwork Desired?

• Do you need FOOD identification printed on front or back?



• Quantity of CERTIFICATES being printed?

• Will you provide Paper or wish us to provide it?

• Certificate Material: Flat Matte or Metallic Sheen?

• Certificate Size?

• Thickness of Certificate?

• Is there printing on 1 or 2 sides?

• Is the Certificate Blank?

• Is it a Fill in the Blanks Certificate?

• Color of Ink Desired?

• Design or Artwork Desired?

• Photo Desired?


It is helpful to know where you purchased your stock, especially Envelopes and Place Cards. This information gives us a general idea as to which printing method to use.