Florist uses Mannequins for Christmas Decor

15 Christmas dress SMALLER IMAGEWe just love seeing new ideas, especially on Pinterest.  A recent trend hitting the waves is florists using mannequins or dress forms for holiday decorations for the home, businesses or events. It all started with Oscar de la Renta. Initially this blogger first noticed the luxury clothier who created the beautiful “Christmas Tree skirt” to the left displaying his holiday fashions.

Of course, being in the wedding industry, we immediately thought it so grand to create one of these for a Wedding Reception. But we will leave that to the experts, especially with how fashionably forward they can be, as it is not our forte. We will stick to wedding invitations and stationery and gifts for now!

If you like them as much as we do, and would like to buy or create one, or order a new or used dress form to DIY, check out this blog 7 Florists Christmas Decorations.

Want more ideas? Follow this board Dress Forms Christmas tree board on Pinterest. And when Christmas is over, re-use the mannequin or dress form for another holiday design.

Visit here to buy new or used dress forms for projects like these for next DIY project. Best wishes as it look great

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