Stationery: Men, what’s your type?

letterpress, flat or folded note CCThere are literally hundreds if not thousands of options for stationery (few for men and tons for women) today, especially in a Do It Yourself world. So, where do you start? And when you get there, which do you gravitate toward and why?

  • Do you prefer Letterpress folded or flat notes? Is your answer based on wanting to write more or less, yet still send a personal message?
  • Do you grab just anything off the shelf (heaven forbid it) at your local grocer or retail chain?
  • Is price and quality an issue?
  • Looking for paper memo sheets, card stocks or color papers?
  • What image are you wishing to reflect?
  • Do you want the front of your piece to say Thanks or Personalized with a name or Monogram?

The above criteria are based on the reasons for writing in the first place. If you plan on writing a note to your child’s teacher, would a simple personalized sheet do? What about writing a thank you note to your boss? What is important to you? Your “personal paper image” or the words written? Are you writing weekly to customers, or once in a while to a friend or mentor?

When you put to pen your particulars the picture should become clearer as you step away from the typical, generic note card and onto something more personal and matureLet’s begin to search out the best options.

So you get on the internet and BAM! You’re flooded with options and choices. Don’t give up! Men, you can do this! With your simple style, there are a few things to consider to help you get unstuck. Ladies, I am addressing the men because women study paper and stationery their entire lives. And if there are a few women or one woman that doesn’t fall into that category, give us a call, we can help you too.

Correct me if I am wrong, but our Male customers typically choose flat sheets or cards vs folded notes. Consider your sheet weight. Find something a bit more substantial in quality over the average piece of paper that offers a smooth, linen, metallic or textured touch, to make your impression.

Flat card sizes start at (approximately) 4×6 and grow up from there as space is needed. Cards over Folded Notes have been known to be ordered for a few reasons:

  • Cards are thicker, which may stand out over others
  • Easier, with no flipping open or over to read, unless continued on back
  • Best to accommodate larger hand writing
  • Few words may be called for in correspondence
  • More space can be intimidating for the ‘once in a while’ writer
  • This is not to say you cannot choose Folded Notes. It is a matter of preference.

Specialty cards should be personalized with first name or first and last name or a monogram, typically printed at the top or centered on the card. Those who are be a bit more daring might like their personalization in the top left or bottom right corners. The color of cards can be pretty much any color, but the standard colors are seen in white, bright white, natural white or ivory (ecru). The stationery world has grown with color choices and metallic are used at times, but not typically chosen by men. Maybe consider a colorful envelope instead as a way for your correspondence to stand, or be read first over others. Thickness of cards should be considered. Card thickness range either by weight or point size. Most are familiar with weight, so you can look for 80# weight, to 100#, 130# or Letterpress Card weight that can be 100# or ultra-thick and very impressive.

Whatever your choosing, the thoughtfulness of your hand written message is what matters most. We, of course celebrate hand written correspondences, imagining smiles sent over the miles that can be read over and over again, especially our electronic, frenzied driven world!

Not too far back in the day, if you sent a hand written correspondence, or a greeting card, it shouted to the recipient that “you cared enough to send the very best!” You don’t have to be in your 50’s to know where that slogan originates.

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